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woman who was in that other business, and that woman asked her what she was in for, and my pal told her. Publishers are brave, as brave as the famous diving horses of Atlantic City, but theyre increasingly owned by conglomerates, businesses which have nothing to do with publishing, and these companies demand a certain profit out of their publishing divisions. JO brans: Do you keep a journal? And stopped it, for a while. I said, Whats it called? In the streets outside the apartment melting snow has revealed a choice assortment of decaying et cetera. When computers learn how to make jokes, artists will be in serious trouble. Donald barthelme: A matter of having a father and being a father. Not-Knowing: The Essays and Interviews ( public library Barthelme explores an essential aspect of writing (and, for that matter, of all creative work the uncomfortable but necessary skill that.

We try to see in the dark, Annie Dillard offered in her superb meditation on writing, we toss up our questions and they catch in the trees. Considered in this light, Soviet hostility to formalist art becomes more intelligible, as does the antipathy of senators, mayors, and chairmen of building committees. I feel entropyKraus on backache is a favorite text around here. Yet it is nevertheless meaningful. 89.he wouldnt know what to do with a moral if handed one by the archangel Michael on a flaming sword.

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265 larry mccaffery: Do you recall the germinating idea for The Dead Father? 270 Theres always the tension between losing an audience and doing the odd things you might want to try. The cost, the weight of this, is not understood by most Americans. He then returns to the role of the writer in society, a role osmotic with that of the critic for better or for worse: If the writer is taken to be the works way of getting itself written, a sort of lightning rod for. Theres nothing so beautiful as having a very difficult problem. 276277 In this century theres been much stress placed not upon what we know but on knowing that our methods are themselves questionableour Song of Songs is the Uncertainty Principle. We had a routine, the family, on Sundays. Cline, with the aid of some truly revolting politics, managed to remain a monster almost to the end. The problems that seem essays on dysfunctional families to me to define the writers task at this moment (to the extent that he has chosen them as his problems) are not of a kind that make for ease of communication, for work that rushes toward the reader with outflung. I read recently that somebody had come forward with evidence that the process is not irreversible. Im thinking of The Dead Father. Where once we could put spurious"s in the paper and attribute them to Ambrose Bierce and be fairly sure that enough readers would get the joke to make the joke worthwhile, from the point of view of both reader and writer, no such common.