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which includes anything you used in your paper, like supporting charts and graphs, interview transcripts, and surveys. Did this summary help you? All rights reserved, if you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email. Adhere only to information you actually cite in your paper. With a 24-hour delay (you will have to wait for 24 hours) due to heavy workload and high demand - for free. Add a short introduction and conclusion for each appendix, advises Penn State University's document "Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students." The introduction should explain why certain material is in the appendix or point out possible reader confusions, given that the reader is seeing the.

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On your reference page, images found online must be cited as follows: Example electronic image citation: Author (Role of Author). History: In what art style does it fall? Smith establishes a contrast between the trees symbolism and the quarter moon. Suggested in Week One: Review recommended websites listed in your Appendix B and your textbook and think about which broad area of art you want to research for the final project. Due in Week Six: Begin writing the 100-word paragraphs for your 10 selected works in short essay form. Suggested in Week Seven: Continue to write captions in short essay form. Center the title at the top of the page, and drop down two lines to make the first entry. Include citations where appropriate. How about getting a customized one? Then format your appendix by putting the title Appendix at the top of the page and ordering the content based on the order it appears in the paper.