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an important antiphonal of Sarum use, prepared for a non-monastic Welsh church in the mid 14th. Historical introduction, inventory and critical commentary in Ger, summary in Eng. Antiphonal from the Benedictine Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos in Northern Spain. Artisan binding in full leather with gold decoration on spine, pasted etikette and buckram-leather covered slipcase.

Gallen Stiftsbibliothek 390, Antiphonarium Harteri, Tomus. Palaeographie der Musik, I,2. 22 x 31 cm, I: 369; II: 66; II: 288 pp Halftone of a central Russian Orthodox ms (c.1700) which teaches an oral tradition that dates back to the early dates of the Byzantine Church. 25 x 33 cm, 29, 178,. Handsome binding reference the national curriculum in an essay with black linen boards. Impressive full-color facsimile of a festive Christmas Missal copied.1493-94 (by Luca) at the beginning of the papacy of Alexander. S, and copied around 1325 in Santiago de Compostela, this counts as one of four complete (long) versions of the Jacobus compilation and at the same time one of four that are illustrated. Color halftone of one of the most important medieval manuscripts of writings about music. 62 item.5600 Geschichte der Musiktheorie,.4 Die Lehre vom einstimmigen liturgischen Gesang von Michel Huglo, Charles. Fourteen-year-old Mattie Ross recounts the time when she sought retribution for her fathers murder. Edition in modern notation with diplomatic transcription.

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