mileurista analysis essay

future elder interview essay tense needed? Assigned: Study vocabulary for the assessment on Wednesday. Assigned: Last presentations if absent students. Last 10 journal writing from presentations summary of common activities and what stood out. Test over Tema 1 has been moved to Tuesday and will have reading comprehension questions from our story as well. Spanish 4 Final Exam Study Guide 2016 martes (5/17) Speaking today share your article in groups. 12 14 of our novel Finish listening activity from yesterday listen one more time and revise in group prior to turning this in Computer lab: practice forming the imperfect subjunctive and uses: Start with verb form practice. Assign: Practice of preterit vs imperfect activity sheet do the front only. Assigned: Read the short dialogue about friendship and answer the questions in complete sentences. While we ate (thank you to all of you who brought in food, drinks, and paper products! Use the guide and rubric to help you prepare well.

Mileurista analysis essay
mileurista analysis essay

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Jueves: Pedacito de Gram y Vocab Computer lab time: finish practicas in journals. Students had a little time to start on the preterit sentence corrections and rewrites. 40 for a copy of the chapter list. And put on large paper. . More listening acts En Nueva York -Start project hand out guidelines and rubric.- brainstorm ideas compare and contrast. Turn in homework Definitions aurally in preparation for the listening part of vocab test on Thurs. This will be a listening quiz and will cover the first two columns of your vocabulary list from the book and a couple the words that we went over from the third column. Discuss what the area has to offer and how community is culturally influenced. Trss forms today Syllabus, info card, learner profile, and course review Ice Breaker activity partners, copies A and B to complete and then share educated guesses.