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Aside from the fundamental distinctions between written, graphic, and dramatic works, medium of distribution has nothing to do with a works eligibility. Updated numbers and statistics could be found at A' Design Award Competition web page. (The same would apply if, for example, book 1 of a trilogy were to be nominated on its own.). Club members are displayed at member indices and gain membership benefits. Work published in semiprozines, and even on mailing lists, blogs, BBSs, and similar electronic fora, can be including when judging people for this Award. Share your knowledge regarding design issues and practices with the world by typing them into the m design connections Take part in A' Design Award Competitions' Design Networking Platform to reach further clients, consumers, companies or designers. A decision of the 2009 wsfs Business Meeting formally acknowledged this by ratifying a Constitutional Amendment that added the words or the equivalent in other media to various category definitions. Because the vast majority of Hugo voters currently come from English-speaking countries, works first published in a language other than English are also eligible in their first year of publication in English translation. While the sponsors and patrons vary every year, the awards had been previously endorsed by institutions such as: beda, Bureau of European Design Associations, Politecnico di Milano University, Como Municipality Culture Department and Ragione Lombardia. The work on which the nominees are judged must class as professional (see above for a discussion of how professional is defined). Lifetime usage The Winners' Logo is provided free of charge to all winners, and A' Design Award and Competitions grants unlimited usage to winners. A' Design Award Network Effects concept OR finished works A' Design Award is open to both concept stage works, prototypes, finished or realized projects and products that are already in market.