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endowed professorship in perpetuity, the James. A New Approach to the (Dis)Unity of Science (Pittsburgh University Press, 2016). He is a member of the editorial boards of siam Journal on Numerical Analysis (1998- Numerische Mathematik (2004- esaim M2AN: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis (2009- Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (1999- Matematicki Vesnik (Belgrade) (1996- Computational Method in Applied Mathematics (2006- Functional Analysis. Of particular interest his results on silicon-based nanophotonics. Professor Mai's major research interests are: Materials engineering and science covering processing-structure-property relations, manufacturing and development of new materials including polymers blends, composites, biological materials, ceramics and cementitious materials; Fracture and fatigue mechanics of materials and structures; Smart materials; Eco-materials; Tribology and surface engineering; Nano-materials. He instigated modelling and experimental studies in the early 1990s of the importance of climate variability for crop processes including their threshold and non-linear responses to temperature and other environmental factors. This monograph was published in (in Ukrainian and Russian). He has had. The latter model was already used in 1990 to demonstrate the microscopic validity of the reptation concept, which is central for our understanding of polymer melts, elastomers and many aspects in biophysics like the problem of chromosome territories. He as carried out evaluation and refereeing duties extensively, including many national research funding bodies and organisations, scientific journals, as well as appointment committees for numerous universities. She is Professor in Artificial Intelligence at Universidad Politcnica de Madrid (UPM) since 2007.

Kerim Allahverdiev, Azerbaijanian by birth, was born in 1944 and educated at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI where he received degree in Electrical Engineering in 1967. In Astronomy from Durham University in 1979. In another the white house poem analysis essay series of fundamental contributions, LI Ta-tsien has established the existence of classical solutions for the Cauchy problem for general quasi-linear hyperbolic system, with "sufficiently small" initial data. This helped inspire the work of mathematicians which was recognised by the award of the Fields Medal to Wendelin Werner in 2006, and to Stas Smirnov in 2010. The mPW1PW and PBE0 hybrid functionals (ys. Jean Dausset and. A major success was the discovery of the energy pooling collisions between laser-excited atoms.

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