number of words in toefl essay

or the state of being commodity. Of, pertaining to, or involving an accusation. The turning or revolving of a subject in the mind. Having a theatrical manner. Taking place every third year.

A thorny shrub much used in England for hedges. Having the texture of appearance of wood. One versed or skilled in treating diseases of the eye. Able to be turned from the accustomed course or a line of action already established. The sheath of a sword or similar bladed weapon. Lying or being across or in a crosswise direction. To give an appearance of foolishness. A long curved blade for mowing, reaping, etc. To be chief in importance, quantity, or degree. Submission to death or persecution for the sake of faith or principle. A high point of land extending outward from the coastline into the sea. Gradual destruction, as by burning, eating, etc., or by using up, wearing out, etc.

Done without perceptible lapse of time. Inadequate for some need, purpose, or use. One occupied in the business of distilling alcoholic liquors. A burden or responsibility.

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