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you must inform your supervisor of your intention to submit your thesis for assessment. . Both softback and hardback thesis binding services are available at the Universitys Copy Centres which are located on Infirmary Street and at King's Buildings. . More information can be found on College webpages, the University Librarys theses website, or by contacting your College Office. Notice of intention to submit, you are not required to submit a lay summary with your notice of intention to submit. And if you have already printed your dissertation or thesis we can still bind it for you. More information on how to deposit the electronic copy of your PhD or MPhil thesis is available from the Library.

The Notice of Intention to Submit form asks your supervisor to confirm that you have discussed your intention to submit with them. . Giving us 24 hours notice is the safest way to ensure your prints are perfect for handing. This means you won't get any nasty surprises when the file is opened up in the shop. Once you have submitted your thesis, the College will arrange for your award letter to be issued and for your hardbound thesis to be sent to the University Library. Your College Office will invite you to submit your final thesis and provide guidance on how to do this. . Submitting your thesis for assessment, submission advice, your College Office is the first point of contact for advice on submitting your thesis. At Mail Boxes Etc. How and where to get your thesis or dissertation bound. Printing a dissertation can be a stressful but following the following steps can make things straightforward and much more affordable. If you want any more advice on getting the most from your print please get in touch to see how we can help. Get a" ยป. For postgraduate research students: what you need to know about submitting your thesis for assessment and information on submitting your final thesis to the Library.

Grounds for the award of postgraduate research degrees are found in the Postgraduate Degree Regulations in the drps. Doctoral theses are assessed under the University's Postgraduate Assessment Regulations for Research Degrees. You can email us your masterpiece or drop in a USB stick. Submitting your thesis for assessment, at least two, soft-bound copies of each thesis containing an abstract and lay summary, and one electronic copy of each thesis, abstract and lay summary must be submitted to your College Office.

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