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which once again ensures the integrity and genuine attitude of our nation. Apply for 6 Months MBA Course from nmims (Indias Leading MBA Institute). Bhabha, who was the first Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and was responsible for laying the infrastructure for nuclear research in India. A militarily weak nation will not only be a butt of ridicule, but the victim of bullying nations The nuclear tests have earned India the self-esteem it richly deserves as a nation of more than 1000 million people. Secondly, nuclear tests pollute the earths atmosphere by radioactive fall-out. D) A Robust Command and Control System. Given the difficult neighbourhood and increasing threat of nuclear warfare, India's Nuclear doctrine acts as a deterrent, and plays a de-escalating role, creating space for diplomatic solution to critical issues. Indias reply to this objection was that the Pokhran test was carried out underground at a depth of 100 metres by employing the Implosion Technique and that no radiation effects had been noticed. Indias action was criticised by the big powers on three grounds.

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Things and stuff which are so mandatory, come under the category of needs. Such agreements are rapp-1, signed in 1963, and followed by rapp-2 in 1966. Click Here to Apply. This Treaty refers to a network costing one. Considerable number of nuclear weapons have been possessed by our neighbouring countries too. 1974 marked a watershed in Indias scientific heights. Credible minimum deterrence along with "No first use" and "No use against non nuclear states" a good argumentative essay clearly indicates that India's nuclear capability is for defensive purpose.