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his/her Master's Degree. If there are some comments and feedback, it can be suitably incorporated into the draft copy of the thesis. Scholars from one supervisor to another supervisor can be effected, if mutual willingness is given by essay on necessity of the conservation of forests both the original and the proposed supervisors. Inclusion of this page offers you, as the author, additional protection against copyright infringement as it eliminates any question of authorship and copyright ownership. For placing the thesis under the "Highly Commended" category, it should have been so recommended by all the examiners.

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If you wish to include both your department and school names, list the essay your biggest fan school at the end of the statement (i.e., Department of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine). A change in place could be considered if necessary with the approval of the Vice- Chancellor. Tuition/ Research fee (per annum) for all candidates including saarc countries (PER year) * 59,500 59,500 47,000 64,500 44,500 25,000. Lists of Tables, Figures, and Illustrations If applicable, include a list of tables, list of figures, and/or list of illustrations following these guidelines: Include the heading(s) in all capital letters, centered 1 below the top of the page. Research supervisor or convener and two subject experts to be nominated by the University from the panel of four members given by the Supervisor or from outside the panel as deemed fit. However, the same shall be submitted to Board of Research for ratification. In case of candidates who do not possess a il Degree, who have not taken the above course work and examination and the minutes of the meeting of the Doctoral Committee for them are not forwarded to the University for confirmation of provisional registration. 12.1(a) For Physiotherapy, the doctors with ten years of teaching/ practicing experience in the field of orthopedics can be appointed as members of the doctoral committee as there are no research guides/Ph. Re-Registration fee 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000 3,000.4 Submission of synopsis and Thesis. D synopsis and thesis should be submitted in English except for Language subjects where the thesis can be in that language. Include the phrase in parentheses. Research by a two member board viz., guide and external examiner.

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