language as a ways of knowing essays

number of words in the definition that have subjectively varied and philosophically complex referents. What is the role of expectation or theory in sense perception? Given this controversy, teachers should provide the opportunity for a critical discussion of faith as a way of knowing. Are we predictably irrational? This shows that emotions undermine reasoning more often than it enhances. It is closely linked to logic- the deducing of valid conclusions from given starting points or premises.

Lets take an example, how do we know that in a bottle, labeled crystal, there is water? Should you trust your intuition? Reason is a way to justify what we have acquired as knowledge based on previous experiences. Should humanism or atheism be described as a faith? One strong example is in the play Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo kills Tybalt in a fit of rage8.

Using the example above, we would do anything possible to conclude that what we are consuming from the bottle is water. Using the example above, we can give important information, express what we feel and enquire about the substance in the bottle and also in different ways so that all the people involved can understand. In contrast to perception, memory refers to things which are not currently happening. This involves appropriate knowledge of the circumstance, showing reasoning and rationality. Intuition has been much discussed in the field of ethics in terms of whether we have moral intuition, or a kind of innate sense of right and wrong. Before we can evaluate the ways in which emotion enhances or undermines reasoning, we must have a clear definition of an emotion. An emotion is a cognitive and/or a physiological response to a perceived stimulus while reason is any kind of cognitive activity2. Reason, perception, emotion and language are all ways of knowing1.

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