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Fishery and Whaling Industry of Nantucket,." PhD Thesis, Princeton University, 1981. "New Jersey Shipping, : A Statistical Study." PhD Thesis, University of Utah, 1973. "The Shipping Trade of Newfoundland." PhD Thesis, Clark University, 1965. "A Quantitative Study of American Colonial Shipping." PhD Thesis, University of Washington, 1966. The prize shall be awarded to the candidate submitting the best thesis in the general field of Australian and/or New Zealand economic history (including business history and other cognate fields of research accepted by the examiners in the three years preceding the closing date, which. "Scottish Merchants in the Newfoundland Trade, : A Colonial Community in Transition." MA Thesis, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1987. "Economy, Law and Ecology in the California Fisheries to 1925." PhD Thesis, University of California, San Diego, 1979. "Collective Bargaining Rights in the Canadian Sea Fisheries: A Case Study of Nova Scotia." PhD Thesis, Columbia University, 1973.

Economics Dissertation Economics Dissertations Economic dissertation topics ideas. "Freight Rates and Shipping Practices in the Medieval Mediterranean." PhD Thesis, Johns Hopkins University, 1969. The criteria for nomination are that (a) the nominator is a supervisor of the nominee, (b) the thesis was written as part of a degree program at an academic institution in Australia or New Zealand, and (c) the relevant degree requirements must have been satisfied.

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Tech phd dissertation in economics The PhD in economics prepares students for careers in academia, business, and government. In Economics Department of Economics The. Acar, Yasin (2015) Essays in political Arvaniti, Maria (2014) Essays on environmental economics. "A History of Dutch Activity in the Newfoundland Fish Trade From About 1590 Till About 1680." MA Thesis, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1960. Economics thesis and dissertation collection This thesis is an exercise to apply macro- economic analysis to the Japanese The focus of my PhD research has been on the acquisition of computational Economics thesis and dissertation collection This thesis is an exercise to apply macro- economic. "The Division of Labour in the British Shipbuilding Industry, with Special Reference to Clydeside." PhD Thesis. Essays on the Economics of Disease, with Particular Reference to Livestock, Tong Wang. "Sharing the Living Resources of the Sea: An Analysis of Contemporary American-Canadian Fisheries Relations." PhD Thesis, University of Oklahoma, 1979. "British Policy in its Relation to the Commerce and Navigation of the United States of America from 1794 to 1807." PhD Thesis, Oxford University, 1936. "The Layered Society: Material Life in Portsmouth, NH,." PhD Thesis, University of New Hampshire, 1982. Nominations must contain a PDF copy of the sub-thesis and confirmation that the thesis meets the criteria for the prize. "The Commercial Fisheries of New Brunswick,." MA Thesis, University of New Brunswick, 1955.

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