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you can hear, and you can actually look at if youve written it down, at the close of that. Given the new interest in colour, Vaughan Williams seems almost perverse in writing a piece for string choir, usually thought of as homogenous. The guy is nothing else but metals answer to reggaes Lee Scratch Perry! U2s music as a whole isnt really my thing, thats right. There is also I think in a lot of musicians something a bit obsessive, um youre trying to achieve perfection in one particular area. Music in Britain task for scanning: compare the two texts; find complementing facts task for recall: write out topic sentences of every paragraph (your text) mix them up how to write a higher english persuasive essay in order; swap the texts; after scimming the text your partner should regroup your boileddown version. Nobody survives his sessions if failing a serious attitude check!

So recently somebody said that they wanted some baroque music for a film about the Tower of London, and I went away and did that. Harder than titanium, softer than pure gold, quicker than silver. Someone jokingly remarked to the composer, You know, VW, all your best-sellers are not your own, referring to works like the English Folk-Song Suite, the Fantasia on Greensleeves, the Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus, and this one. Her universities offered a form of teaching which produced church musicians almost exclusively, so that the best music was thought to be sacred. Light and darkness clashing. Tim did a beautiful job unearthing all those hidden treasures within our music. The sheer spiritual qualities of The Sacrament and Circle of Fear. I suppose my basic skill is as a keyboard player: synthesizers, pianos, even an organ on a good day. Here we get passages of two against three, in the tune.

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