essay on rainy season for children

Monsoon trough 1100 Words 4 Pages. In this season the farmers work hard in their fields. Rivers and ponds are filled with water.

The roads become wet and muddy in those days. Dry rivers are filled by the rains which are a source of water for many in India. Blue, Color, Rainbow 445 Words 2 Pages Open Document Season and Winter Weather and Seasons What's the weather like in spring? It affect the daily routine in many ways like Traffic jams, flooded lanes and by lanes, people waddling in the floods are a common to be seen in the monsoon season. If there are no rains in a year, it causes great suffering to the e wells, tanks and rivers dry e fields also become dry, and there are no food is causes famine throughout the land. The main source of income for most, if not all, of the families there is the rubber trees that grow in abundance in their forests. As new member of staff your line manager will need to know how you can apply this in your work setting. Cheyenne, Existential quantification, Old age 2650 Words 6 Pages Open Document The Railway Children Beginning of things The Railway Children Answer the following questions. Seasons stay the same for a long time.