research papers on edm

is verified. Keywords, eDM neural network grey system theory process simulation, this is a preview of subscription content, to check access. Deng,.: Grey theoretical basis. Difference between predicted and measured values is smaller and consistent with the actual production of electrical discharge machining process simulation. It is proved that the modeling by the grey neural network and using it to test is a feasible method to research the EDM process. Cao,., Yang,.: The Study of High Efficiency and Intelligent Optimization System in EDM Sinking process. CrossRef, google Scholar. The International Journal of Machine Tools Manufacture 35(12 (1995).

Research papers on edm
research papers on edm

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Yang,., Zhou,.: Artificial Neural Network Model of benefits of outdoor education essay EDM Process. Google Scholar, springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012. Journal of Materials Processing Technology (149 8387 (2004). Machinery Design Manufacture (1 128129 (2010). The result shows that the model by using of the grey neural network reflects the process characteristics of the machine itself. Tarng,.S.: Determination of Optimal Cutting Parameters in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining. Lou,., Li,., Peng,.: ANN Based Modelting for EDM Process. Unable to display preview. Huazhong University of Science Technology Press (2002) (in press). China Mechanical Engineering 12(4 408411 (2001).