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nativists attitudes. But after the depression of 1873, unemployment mounted on the West coast and native-born workers found it necessary to limit the number of immigrants to create available job positions at wages that allow them continue to feed their family. Most of the Chinese decided to come to America because they were hoping to share all the opportunities that America had to offer. Americans passed the Chinese Exclusion Act because they resented the competition for work, they had stereotypical hatred toward the Chinese, and they felt exclusion was the Chineses only protection. However, employers favored in hiring Chinese Laborers since they worked for very low wages on longer hours. In Conclusion, the Chinese Exclusion Act made a great impact on the American people as well as on the Chinese. The Burlingame Treaty of 1868 stated that Chinese People had the right to come to migrate to America for any particular reason.

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Although there is much evidence to show that.S. After the Decade of Crisis, when thousands of settlers came to the West in search of gold, reconstruction began. Many reasons were could have been the reason the US morality this i believe essay rubric applied this act to the Chinese. Immigration taxes and laundry-operation fees, were passed in order to limit the success of the Chinese workers. If employers continued to hire Chinese Immigrants, there would be a less wage given to Americans but even worse, Americans would be left jobless. Chinese to emigrate to the. Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 Essay, Research Paper. Americans then passed the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 which denied all Chinese the right to American citizenship, even those born in the United States.