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the exact cause will be different in other individuals/ it is thought that ADD has a physical basis in most cases, but on theory tells us that it is possible that AD may be inherited. Once in the work place as an adult an their disorder does not show up as prominently as it did throughout their school years. Males are more hyperactive that females, who so not attract as much attention as the male. The majority worked at the department less than 5 years and were divided in different sections such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Computed Tomography (CT X-ray, Ultrasound (US and other.

The disorder does not readily become apparent until a child enters challenging situations such as elementary schools. Labbate (2007) included two hundred and fourteen x-ray technologists working in 13 different hospital in Italy.

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Risk factors and musculoskeletal complaints in X-ray technologists: Another study was done. At the stage of infancy, the child may have already encountered seizures, cerebral palsy or head injuries.(Ibid, p222). Christopher Green (Director of the Child development Unit at Sydneys new Childrens Hospital) believes that u to 10 percent of children are mildly affected by ADD and 2 percent have a severe form. It was categorized to upper back pain, upper limb pain, lower back pain, and lower limb pain. Impulsiveness of the disorder may include the following: Acting before thinking this may lead to failing academically or friction in social relationships. The study suggested that repeated poor posture, back strain, and faulty body mechanics may lead to back pain. It was found that there was no significant age, height, weight related links for back pain. It has been noted that during classes, he has trouble with following instructions. The result of this study was a high percentage on low back pain and upper limb pain. However it has been shown clinically that there is not any visibly improved academic performance of children. They also often have difficulty maintaining attention on one topic as their minds begin to wander.