essays on internet censorship in china

most high-profile companies, in January, when Google stated that it would no longer continue to operate in China unless the government discontinued the practice of filtering its search-engine results. What Chinese Censors Dont Want You to Know. The Party not only intimidated and imprisoned outspoken netizens, but also completely shut down the Internet. . It is a vehicle of authoritarian state power that suppresses dissident opinions and abolishes transparency to further the censors agendas (Xie 5). . The new regulations cover all online forums, communities and any other platforms that provide interactive communication. Internet censorship is necessary for the CCP to maintain their authority because the Internet is a space that fosters knowledge, discussion, and dissention. . Google wanted to establish a censored version of Google because it lost over 30 percent of its market share and was losing to its domestic competitor, Baidu (Dann and Haddow 226). . The new rules will become effective on October. Similarly, the Measures on Management of Internet Information Services require Internet users to fill out a registration form with their real names to apply for Internet Service Provider (ISP) services. . The Cyberspace Administration of China, the top internet censor, just gave Chinese netizens further bad news. Image Credit: Flickr/Mike MacKenzie, chinas internet censorship is getting tougher and more comprehensive every day.

At the same time, Internet censorship blemishes the CCPs reputation domestically and globally. . Although the Internet is a space that fosters anonymity, the CCPs legal and technological censorship strategies limit this privacy. . To maintain their access to knowledge and discussion, some Chinese netizens attempt to bypass censorship software and filters. . Internet blocking of major search gateways is also. As illustrated in Lius reflection, the Internet became an active forum for discussions about human rights. . By increasing the masses access to knowledge, the Internet creates avenues for domestic criticism of the government. . For example, officials who travel abroad may spend the majority of their time in luxury resorts. .