essay on bibi bhani ji in punjabi language

of Guru Amar Das, bhani was the youngest daughter. Guru Arjan Dev compiled Adi Granth by collecting all the writings of gurus before him and installed it at Golden Temple, which is now The Guru Granth. This occurred several times. Guru Arjun Dev was the first Guru of the Sikhs to be martyred.

T hree sons, Prith Chand (1558 Mahadev (1560) and (Guru) Arjan Dev (1563) were born to her. Bhai Rama.She was married on 18 February 1554 to Bhai Jetha (whose name was later changed to Guru Ram Das a Sodhi Khatri from.

Inauguration of Guru Arjun Dev (Arjan Dev Bibi Bhani's youngest son becomes the fifth Guru. She had one older sister Dani, and two younger brothers, Mohan and Mohri. Completed the Granth bestowing upon it title of everlasting Guru. Bhani's father becomes the third Guru. Father to: sons, Ajit Singh ji, Jujhar Singh ji, Zorawar Singh ji and Fateh Singh. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji, tenth of the 10 gurus, created the order of Khalsa. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib. Bibi Dani ji, who was married to a pious what i learned from my internship essay Sikh named.