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of vehicles. Auto batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid, which can harm the environment and pose health risks. Moef proposed that the industry test emissions after fitting catalytic convertors, based on which government would finalize new standards for metros. In terms of pollution load (in tons carbon monoxide dominates all other pollutants. However facilities have not been developed to measure PM2.5 and PM0.1 in India so far. The share of two wheeler fleet was 9 in 1951 and increased to over 80 by 2001. Table.6 Number of Vehicles and Road Length in Delhi: Year, vehicles (Lakhs road length (Kilometres) 1971.17 8,.61 15,.23 22,.93 25,.89 25,.00 25,00 27,000. Economic measures like emission taxes, environmental excise duty, fuel taxes, congestion pricing etc.; are now being increasingly used in many countries to abate vehicle emissions. Air pollution levels in most of the Indian cities exceed the national and world Health Organisation guidelines and threaten human health and quality of life. In 1996 National Environmental Research Institute, Nagpur (India) has developed a non-noble metal based, two-way catalytic converter technology for the control of exhaust emissions from petrol driven vehicles. These include: (i) Imposition of auto-emission standard.e.

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Vehicular Pollution in India!
Vehicular pollution has grown at an alarming rate du e to growing urbanisation in India.

Other engine fluids that spill can also contribute to the pollution problem. At present, vehicles in major industrialized Asian countries are being used for longer than was considered would be their normal useful life. Figure.5 highlights the increasing share of vehicular pollution in Delhi. For catalytic converters to function effectively, unleaded and low sulphur fuels are necessary. The number of vehicles in Asia will continue to grow, with the possible exception of Singapore and Hong Kong, where active controls have been implemented to limit the number of vehicles and promote alternative public transport options. To reduce travel by personalized vehicles, it is necessary to establish an efficient and effective public transport system at affordable fares. Of the total vehicular population in Delhi in 2004,.37 lakh were four wheelers,.8 lakh two wheelers, more than 80 thousand autorickshaws,.4 thousand taxies,.9 thousand buses and.55 lakh goods vehicles. It can be observed that the motor vehicle fleet increased gambling in sports research paper from.30 million in 1951 to over 50 million in 2001. The use of non-noble metal based catalyst makes the device cost-effective and lead tolerant as compared to the noble metal based catalytic converters. On the whole, diesel engines are less of a health hazard than petrol engines, although the smoke and odour are certainly a nuisance. Motorisation of the Indian cities is by world standards, very disproportionate to income.

Hospital admissions for respiratory and cardio vascular diseases.4 and.6 percent respectively;. The details are given in Table.13: Home Automobile Pollution Environment Essay India Pollution Upload and Share Your Article: Title* Description* Author Name* Author Email. Advertisements: Much of the vehicular air pollution can be avoided by maintaining proper speed of the vehicles. Out of about one billion population, the urban population is around 300 million and is expected to grow to 410 million by 2010.

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