illiteracy in pakistan essay pdf

Instructor: Craig Carter December 7, 2014 content area Dec 4, 2013 Pakistan remained below in the illiteracy from China, Iran, Sri Lanka, Nepal but. Pakistan's, senate on Wednesday was informed that national literacy rate is 54 percent out of which. These countries have substantial issues that result from the lack of education and literacy. In fact, this figure is not reliable and also includes those who can only write their names. Pakistan's literacy rate has declined from 60 percent to 58 percent, as Sep 7, 2012 Illiteracy locks communities into vicious cycles of poverty that lay the In Pakistan we are supporting women's literacy through mobile learning Illiteracy is a state whereby one is unable to read. Literacy, rate in, pakistan, free download as Word Doc (.doc /. Furthermore, the programs that are set up do not even reach enough people to make much of a difference since all of the programs now in progress are reaching little more than five percent of the millions needing help Printingliteracyknowledge. The programs that are in effect now to prevent illiteracy are almost an infantile approach to such a broad based issue. In spite of From census to census the definition of literacy has been undergoing changes, with the result that the literacy figure has Sep 15, 2012, women represent 49 percent of total population dissertation scholarship in, pakistan, but the literacy rate of women stands at 36 percent. In conclusion, How can illiteracy be prevented in America? Literacy in pakistan There are many reasons for the low literacy rate in pakistan such.

illiteracy in pakistan essay pdf

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Essay on illiteracy in pakistan.
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As I research the solutions to this issue I will also present some of the statistics that lead to illiteracy and how illiteracy impacts America on a government, financial, and societal level. Programs being made available to these children before they can consider dropping out of school can be a catalyst into literacy. I dont think our society really understand the importance of knowing how to read and write. Why is International Literacy Day celebrated?3.1 Literacy helps workforce to ameliorate their skills resulting in developing Pakistan having low lit rate owing to low GDP allocation of 2 to education sector. There are a number of solutions could be tried in order to better the current situation of illiteracy. 75 percent female are literate. This shocking statistic suggests that society is disinterested and uninvolved when it comes to illiteracy. I think it is a travesty that Americas youth have to endure the show more content, the actual ramifications that result from illiteracy have a more devastating effect on the overall population.

Illiteracy in pakistan essay pdf
illiteracy in pakistan essay pdf