effects of reality shows on children essay

poorer school performance overall and decreased scores on standardized tests. Negative Effects of Television on Children. Similarly, children in today s society are faced with the similar problems, if not larger in magnitude. In our society today, it is extremely important to pay attention to what influences children. Children and the Effects of Television Essay. The exaggerated violent acts portrayed on television are most definitely causing children and teens to be afraid of the real world. However, the reverse can also be true: kids are likely to learn things from television that parents don't want them to learn. . One child when talking to his mother about a shooting they had seen on TV said that the shooting wasnt violent because there was no suffering in the deaths ( Jenish, 1992). 2.) Everett, Shu-Ling. He came up with 3 different categories: secure attachment, ambivalent attachment, and avoidant attachment.

Huston et al support the argument, with studies to it back up, that children are continuously making judgements about the comprehensibility and interest of the content and thinking about the credibility, context, and applicability of what they are viewing. Many parent are also expressing their concern. One type of interpersonal relationships is romantic relationships, which are often expressed on reality dating shows. (Murray, 1984) Another study found that children who watched many hours of televisi o n violence in elementary school, turned out to be violent later in their teens (Murray, 1984).

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effects of reality shows on children essay

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Why should a fourteen year old be this frightened of the real world? Another negative effect of television violence is that it causes children and teenagers to mimic the acts seen. Ideally, children should sit approximately five feet away from the television set according to McWilliams and Moulder. A study by Amy Nathanson explored the link between parental mediation and children s aggression. If you look at the shows that children and teens watch today, you can see the negative effects everywhere.

Television shows such as this and Pokemon, may have violence that is considered.
Much of the debate centers around violent, sexual and immoral conduct within the shows aired.
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