essay about the enlightenment american revolution quizlet

new focus on science, seemed to oppose the religious world/bible, which also opposed god. The French Revolution on the other hand wanted to abolish the French monarchy and create a better government in which people could have more of a say in society, and also had similar causes as the American Revolution. The canon balls did not blow up back then, they simply hit the ground and took out whatever was in the way, because they were made from cast-iron.(The history m) And it also showed them having good accuracy, the cannons only had one purpose taking.

Rococo, used delicate colors, curving forms, no sot much detail or straight lines, essay on economic liberalisation romantic, love themes. Trade started to happen also. American, revolution are primarily referred to as ". The French were driven into war to help America's revolution while the American's were always forced to fighting Britain's battles, all of which suppressed the growth of their. Accept or make law.