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outstanding person is the one who wants to do something good in his or her life and who likes to help other people and leaves some kind of trace in the life of others, I believe, an outstanding person is not a person who. College Rankings Choosing a College Essay Samples Tips really influencing and guiding you in your day-to-day life? The parts of the book that depict the war talk about loud planes. Holt, contributor 1602, sep 28, 2017 #3, shirley, since you did not actually achieve anything of remarkable importance as a fledgling figure skater, the reviewer will wonder why you chose to use that to describe an accomplishment. Writing the Essay Any more and you'll dilute things to the point where they have little impact.

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In my opinion to be an outstanding person means to possess personality, not to be like anyone else and it is someone who is not trying to emphasize. The author uses words that are easy to understand by everyone. You need to present an accomplishment or achievement that will tell the reviewer something about your persistence in reference to your personality trait. Colleges are made up of humans. Fashion Trends' Impact on Society Essay Fashion Trends' Impact On Society In the last thirty years the luxury industry has been completely focused on profitability and quality has Story of My Life : How Narrative Creates Personality Theow you arrange the plot points of your. A Person That Has Made an Impact on My Life Essay.Writing the Scholarship Essay : by Kay Peterson,. We have to live our lives to be respected, we shouldnt do harm to anyone, we have to help people, that will make an outstanding person from each.