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and often not until you're in upper-level classes. M, (December 31, 1969). If you want to get an athletic scholarship, you'll need to be at a Division I or Division II school. At a liberal arts college, you're more likely to have small classes, even if the student / faculty ratio is higher than at a large research university. Also, at a school with master's and. Also, being at either campus you will still get there experience of going to college. The smaller student population at an institution allows for smaller class size. Name Recognition, stanford University. The cost to go to a larger campus with is more expensive than going to a smaller campus. Starting with the smaller campus your class sizes will be smaller.

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At small colleges, the advising is frequently handled by the professors. This in turn gives a more personal atmosphere to the classroom environment. Seeing some of the larger colleges or universities can be extremely intimidating to a young freshman launching straight from a small town high school. However, at a smaller college, where the student population is greatly reduced, you have a chance to know a majority of the people that attend that particular school. There are only a certain amount of people that attend a small campus. The Division III games of a small school are often fun social outings, but the experience is entirely different. Therefore, if you were in some need of some help in a subject you would not be able just to raise your hand and ask the professor in class. . Got a writing question? The size factor of a school also gives a chance for the student and teacher to become more acquainted with one another, making the students more comfortable with asking the professors for one-on-one assistance outside of the classroom. Even though going to a small college campus or a larger college campus might be similar in many ways they are still different at the same time.

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