i feel i was graded unfairly on essays

a more lenient marker. Before you talk to someone else, I would advise you to talk to this guy again. Every instructor looms large in her world, wielding power over her days, via class periods; her nights, via homework; and her future, via grades. The reason I'm telling you these stories is to let you know that there are times when teachers grade unfairly. What should I do about it?

i feel i was graded unfairly on essays

It isn t personal (most of the time). I m currently a senior in high school and I turned in a paper that I think was graded unfairly. I don t want to confront the teacher or start a fight. We have all received grades that made us wonder how we got them. If you think your professor is being unfair, you can take these steps.

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This year I received 80 percent in gym class, and when I talked to the other girls in my class, I discovered they also received 80 percent. Original post by, imnotateacake so, I'm having a serious dilemma with a grade I received. Research methods at my university requires group work, which I despise, because I'm an overachiever and I tend doctoral dissertation research grants to let others get away with doing very little (I know, I need to work on this). The bottom line is that what your teacher said is not okay. The professor was one of those people who either likes you or doesn't. I deserve the grade on the other one.

I'm really not the sort of person to dispute grades unless I feel it is really unjust. And, to be honest, Im shocked he would even admit that to a student. I asked the instructor why I had received such a low grade. Some coward had called and accused her of being spotty on her directions.