https essays why-religious-identities-are-not-immune-to-robust-criticism

a clear violation of liberal principles and values. What does play into their hands is a failure to draw this distinction. Throughout the Western world, the political Left is in disarray. It treats people with these natural features as less deserving of respect. This is true even if the proposed non-ideological identity is wholly frivolous and trivial (eg, being right-footed, having freckles, etc).

https essays why-religious-identities-are-not-immune-to-robust-criticism

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Religious groups require protection to secure their rights and recognition of their particular interests in practising their religion. With ideological or value-laden identities the situation is different. It is fragmented, rudderless and lacks a coherent plan to stem the tide of populism, nationalism and xenophobia. A proposed identity of this kind (eg, being a Scientologist, a fascist, etc) could be regarded as foolish and/or pernicious however significant and important it might be for the person or group concerned. A lack of clarity about this basic divide within identity politics has led to a serious failure to provide credible understanding of what tolerance requires when we are confronted with questions about the rights of different religious groups to be treated equally and with respect. What is required for tolerance is that, consistent with open and frank criticism, all parties concerned respect the rights of others to express and practise their views (subject to respecting the reciprocal rights of others in relation to these matters). The real bigots and racists are happy to use the language of religious tolerance to conceal their hate-fuelled agendas No sensible person concludes that because demonisation is all too common in political life we should condemn and refrain from all strong, sharp and severe criticism. The three-legged stool of the Old Left liberty, equality and fraternity was never very secure, but when fraternity was replaced by the demands of group identity, little stability remained. I have argued that religious identities are primarily, if not wholly, ideological in character, and to that extent are fair and legitimate targets for criticism and, in some cases, condemnation. In a free society, some debate over ideological matters such as religion will inevitably be highly charged, as is true of any pressing and serious topic. First, I do not claim that the ideological/non-ideological identity distinction provides a simple algorithm for addressing the many difficult and problematic cases of accommodation of religion and religious minorities.

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