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offered: Upon demand Projected offerings CRM 747 Policing Terrorism This course examines the role of law enforcement in counter terrorism efforts in the United States. At the same time, there will be an analysis of contemporary issues, both ethical and legal, that are especially relevant in the criminal justice professions. It consists of individual student consultation with the instructor to guide students through to the main requirement of the course the completion of a detailed research proposal.

CRM 215 Career Preparation. Criminology and, criminal Justice. Acquaint students with the types of job opportunities available in the field of criminology and criminal justice including required credentials, career preparation, and the job search process. Criminology is the study of the causes, impact and prevention of crime, and the institutions involved in responding to criminal conduct. Criminology degree you will learn to apply your knowledge and skills in professional settings, and succeed within this growing field.

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This course will examine the definition, root causes, and behaviour of psychopaths, and the response of the criminal justice system to this personality disorder. Community-based correctional programs and practices given special attention include probation and parole, work release, halfway houses, residential treatment centers, and diversionary programs. Independent reading and research topics selected in consultation with the supervising instructor. Crim 310 3 credits Advanced Theoretical Perspectives Prerequisite(s 45 university-level credits including crim 100, crim 104, and crim 105. Consequently, international police practices will be examined nhb essay competition in the context of their historical and philosophical roots. The Greene County Prosecutor's Office will participate in the design of this course, thus the specific legal issues discussed will remain current and may change based on the needs of the community. University Foundations program with lower levels of language proficiency. This course examines the basic principles, processes, and structures found in adult criminal courts in the United States and Missouri. Cannot receive credit for both CRM 641 and CRM 340. May be repeated to a total of 6 hours when topic changes. Local Indigenous practices and strategies, as well as international policies and practices, designed to mitigate risk among child and youth populations will be discussed.

Credit hours: 1 Lecture contact hours: 1 Lab contact hours: 0 Typically offered: Upon demand Projected offerings CRM 308 To Shoot or Not To Shoot: Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice This course examines and nature and meaning of ethical behavior within the context of the. May be repeated when topic changes. Ryon, Stephanie., Ted Chiricos, Sonja.

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