the professor is a dropout essay

Education Essay Internet. Thats because students dont have a lot of time to study or sometimes is because they are too tired of work and when time to go to school they might feel tired and not in the mood for having class. Rokya Alao-Fary, final Grade alternative medicine and modern medicine essay 5, proceed. Not always those students are to blame and this is not the context of this discussion. According to a recent report, more than 30 students leave schools in South Asian countries due to financial hindrance. The greatest number of any country population attends the primary stage. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. Poverty, educational facilities, lack of funding, curriculum, unskilled teachers, criteria for admission, method of teaching, education system, corruption, instability of government, dual system of education and political environment etc.

Strategy about dropout and (d) to provide suggestion to overcome this problem and improve literacy rate. The main objectives of the study were. Rather the state should revise the way it runs schools and arrange re-schooling facilities and the school authority should arrange some paid jobs to needy students to mend this situation.

A democratic government requires that its citizen should be intelligent enough to understand the manifestoes of several political parties to interpret news intelligently and critically and to cast their vitas according to their own free choice and will (Rasool, 2000). Pakistan is considered second lowest country among those considered whose students complete primary education. Causes Of Dropout At Primary Level In Peshawar Education Essay. A fairly large number of enrolled students at primary education never complete the cycle of their education (Rauf, 1996). A lot of students start college and have a job; somehow they try to do both but do this always works?

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Corporal punishment is the major cause of drop out ratio at primary level. Majority of the parents viewed that parents are responsible for dropout of their children because of their poverty, illiteracy, unawareness of importance of education; having no father at home and no fully control on children are the cause of dropout, which is the responsibility. Unaware ness can cause the dropout of the students. As most of the schools are out of my range and it is difficult to reach there. The researchers was selected the ten (10) schools.R. Significance of The study. The students leave school without completing their education. Data analysis, then the researcher arranged the data in systematic way and organized the data in the form of table. Sajjad Hayat Akhtar is working as an teachers Department of Education, Govt. Delimitations of the study, due to limited time and resources the study was delimited to ten (10) male schools.R. Details, last Updated: Thursday, 07 September 2017 14:33. B) An article called Three causes of a students drop out of college by Mara Tyler, Demand Media says that Many students find it difficult to find time to study, work on group projects and research, because they are busy making money to afford.

The professor is a dropout essay
the professor is a dropout essay