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and Arabic important in the Empire and its sphere of influence. For other uses, see. The second theory is called resource mobilization theory, and it suggests that states which are more prosperous and socially integrated would tend to develop more domestic terrorist activity, on the basis that group competition for power and resources becomes intense. Translations from Byzantine Sources: The Imperial Centuries,. (Online version) "Byzantine Empire". Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press. The second instrument, the organ, originated in the Hellenistic world (see Hydraulis ) and was used in the Hippodrome during races.

184185; Vryonis 1971,. . THE globalization theory OF terrorism, nassar (2004) has probably written the most interesting piece on globalization theory as it relates to terrorism, and although his ideas are fairly critical of the. After Leo III turned back the Muslim assault in 718, he addressed himself to the task of reorganising and consolidating the themes in Asia Minor. The English Historical Review.

121; El-Cheikh 2004,. . 102 Basil's first expedition against Bulgaria, however, resulted in a humiliating defeat at the Gates of Trajan. The Empire moved from defending against external enemies to reconquest of territories formerly lost. 179; Reinert 2002,. . Studies on the Early Papacy. The Byzantine Commonwealth: Eastern Europe, 5001453. A b Reinert 2002,. . In 1204, the leaders of the Fourth Crusade gave the name Romania to the newly founded Latin Empire.

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