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invested in the Chinese market. K Law KD England and Wales. This is done through a comparative study of the United Kingdom (hereinafter UK) and China in which it is determined whether Chinese companies can adopt UK companies CSR practices in employment. This comparative study of CSR implementation in the context of employment in the UK and China, and the analysis of the current status of Chinese CSR practices also provide foreign enterprises experience to relate their CSR policies in corporate governance to Chinese context. Item Type: Thesis (PhD qualification Level: Doctoral. The quality of the information disclosure is assured through effective monitoring as stated in the various reports. The study then demonstrates the rationale behind the emergence of CSR, the legal impact of CSR on stakeholders and the global application of CSR initiatives, especially the techniques and mechanisms adopted in the UK and China. Keywords: Corporate decision-making, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, employment, information disclosure, stakeholder theory. Yun, Chong (2014 the role of corporate social responsibility in corporate governance in the context of employment: a comparative study of the United Kingdom and China.

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The different models and principles of corporate governance and CSR, and how the main corporate organs operate in corporate governance and apply CSR in decision-making to meet stakeholders needs are introduced. Date Deposited: 16:37, last Modified: 16:52. The research specifically presents CSR practices in employment in the UK and China against a theoretical background. Colleges/Schools: College of Social Sciences School of Law. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

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