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Cochinchinensis control when rainfall is not received for activation ( Griffin and Lencse, 1992 ). FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper. It was concluded that, compared with soil-incorporated trifluralin, the use of pendimethalin, prodiamine, fomesafen and clomazone applied to the soil surface would reduce trips across the field and may minimize sugarcane injury, but may not provide consistent.

Reproductive Biology Reproduction. Cochinchinensis infestations similarly removed in the second-year crop reduced sugar yield by a maximum of 72 compared to a 2-year weed-free control. Adding one correctly timed hand-weeding to the present mechanical cultivation-hilling routine could cut weed-caused yield losses to approximately.

Cochinchinensis grows up to a height of 4 m or more and is extremely competitive with annual crops.
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On the Origins of New Forms of Life: Works cited (A-G).
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Notes on the tribe Andropogoneae (Gramineae). Org Charles Darwin Foundation, 2008. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: Harvard University Herbaria. After this, what should a research paper conclusion include the land is left fallow until the buried seeds expire and the land is considered clean ( Holm., 1977 ). High schools started teaching modern foreign languages, basic science, and American history. Constanzo, 1972-75 Michael. When Clayton became the superintendent in 1982 the reputation of the school district had sunk to a very low level. He favored making the school board smaller and more accountable to the mayor, changes that were adopted by referendum in 1965.