describe a wet market essay

moments. Whether it is a lesson you learned from an experience, or how a certain object impacted your life, make sure to include a specific purpose for writing the descriptive essay! One idea for a topic is to describe a person that you know. As you are progressing through the story, keep track of sensory appeal. Replace weak adjectives with more fitting ones. The market was originally quite small, occupying just one of the central squares in Manchester, but its grown quickly in recent years, spilling over into maybe five other pedestrian streets and a few other squares. 2.1 Consumer Behavior in Malaysia. The first person point of view is normally limited to narrative writing because the story is often limited to the actions of the person involved. Feel free to write about defunct place or object, such as the fantastical place from your favorite book or the magic wand from your favorite movie.

The more voices that can confirm the high quality of your writing, the better. You can also read your essay to other people to get their feedback. You may choose a strong emotion like anger, happiness, loss, desire, or rage. Describe a moment in your life where you either led a crowd or did something completely out of your comfort zone! The understanding of the relationship between image and buying behavior of consumers are very important for better strategies in attracting consumers. This is in contrast to a hyper store operated by a single company. Last but not least, the entire story is supposed to deliver some kind of purpose. Check with your instructor though, he may have a different opinion of how to write a descriptive essay. It is a way of the store being defined in the consumers' mind, partly is functional qualities of the store and partly is the atmosphere of psychological attributes of the store (Martineau, 1958). For example, if you are writing a descriptive essay about your camping trip, you would probably be describing the trip as opposed to the sky or the birds.

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