abstinence only essay

1986, the Lou Harris Poll, was commissioned by Planned Parenthood (a leading sponsor of comprehensive sex education). Its symptoms can be managed, but not cured. Another abstinence only education program called Postponing Sexual Involvement was created by Marion Howard of Emory University, and was specifically designed for inner-city, low-income 8th graders. Without seeing doctors or receiving correct pre-natal care, the risk of complications for mother and child nearly quadruple. Not only can these complications include still birth, but may also cause excessive bleeding and hemorrhaging of the mother.

According to an article in Family Planning Perspectives, condoms have a 10 percent annual failure rate in all age groups, and up to 36 essay on conservation possibilities in town percent failure rate among teens (Lickona 318). Another serious problem surrounding teen sexual intercourse is the probability of aids and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Because of the rise in pre-marital sexual activities, there has also been a rise in the number of people infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STD? Here you can find essays in more than 70 subjects such as Business, Marketing, Psychology, Management, Law, Philosophy, English, Literature, Accounting, Finance, Nursing, Medicine, Political Science, Communication, IT, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Math, Anthropology, Geography, American / English History, Geology, Engineering, Biology, Sociology and Social. Because of this wide portrayal and acceptance of pre-marital sex, many more teens and young adults have chosen to engage in sexual activities.