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truth, he says, is beyond the structure I have imposed on this story: When I get furious I say things that I dont necessarily do in the future. This felt like a book. A year ago, we were in love, you know. When the conflict was good versus evil those aspiring for freedom against a tyrannical regime I could understand it; when I could place Syrians into clear-cut and well-known archetypes a refugee, a fighter, an activist, a regime thug or a religious fanatic I could understand. "AFI's 100 years.100 heroes villains", American Film Institute, published June 4, 2003.

Gangster, vIP 1 2, Heartless, Goro the Assassin, Black Dagger, and Kill!) Blu-ray DVD (Japanese Tetsuya Watari, Toshio Masuda: Movies.
Gangster Nation (Gangsterland series, Book 2) Tod Goldberg.
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