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of conservatism. Diversity without this kind of overall structural change is a defanged diversity with neither long-term power nor hope. The ostensible reason for this gathering was a de-cision by the town council to remove an equestrian statue of Robert E Lee, the Confederate general who unsuccessfully at-tempted to lead the slave-holding states in secession from the Union. For students from historically racialized groups, enduring personal and collective historical and material legacies weigh-in, become unpacked and reconstructed in ways that are transformative not only for their own individual selves but also for all whose lives and histories have also been shaped by these. Drawing from Lipsitz, in theological education (as in other sectors Whiteness has a cash value; it accounts for advantages that come to individuals through profits made from housing definition essay writing prompts secured in discriminatory markets, through the unequal education allocated to children of different races, through insider networks. Diversity becomes a ruse when it is delinked from historical legacies of injustices rooted in a global ideology of racial supremacy. Early in life, he says, it dawned on him that he was shut out of the white world by a vast veil. Divestment from Institutional Whiteness, george Lipsitzs phrase, possessive investment in whiteness,3 names what I see as entrenched and systematic institutional racism in higher educationspecifically in theological education. She offers critical insight in how and why some communities experience horrific catastrophic events that then become and are accepted as routine, everyday, normal part of life. Robert E Lee, at least, would have understood the ani-mated and largely clich-ridden dispute over Confederate statues as fundamentally a proxy war over whiteness. Clashes ensued; the police stood by: much of the world, but not most of gun-loving America, would have watched in astonish-ment at the sight of people openly flaunting assault weapons, automatic rifles, and handguns.

3 George Lipsitz, The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: How White People Profit from Identity Politics (Philadelphia: Temple University Press 2006. 11 Gayatri Spivak, Terror: A Speech After 9-11, boundary 2,. Assimilating to institutional norms and values, often not resonate with doctoral students own familiar values and norms, refers to a sense-making process, which can leave these scholars feeling isolated, frustrated, and untethered from their communities of support. The public relations approach to addressing the issue of diversity has generated sentiments that we are over race or that we have moved beyond race by giving growing signs of inclusion.

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Anne Joh received her PhD from Drew University in 2003 in theological and philosophical studies. Examine the seemingly endemic racialized nature of doctoral education in their article, Am I Going Crazy?!: A Critical Race Analysis of Doctoral Education.9 In order for students to become successful, they must become socialized into systems and structures with internal codes of operation that often. She is the cochair of the Theology and Religious Reflection Section of the American Academy of Religion as well as the faculty director of the Center for Asian/Asian American Ministry at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. Sheth, Toward a Political Philosophy of Race (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2009. How are the needs of these students met or not met within the predominantly white institutions and programs whose curricula often reflect absence and foreclosure of the historical legacy of systemic racism? Lipsitz goes on to note most accurately that possessive investment in whiteness demonstrates that white supremacy is usually less a matter of direct, referential, and snarling contempt than a system for protecting the privileges of whites. Happy are those who know little of the past, one might say: the city, not unlike the state of Virginia, has ugly racial antecedents. Commitments to so-called institutional diversity can easily slide to the use of that term, diversity, solely as a form of institutional public relations.