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topics can get really complex sometimes. Or is it the other way round? It is within the sphere of civilization, keeping principles, ethics and morals in the forefront, that we should harness the power of science. We humans should start behaving as responsible inhabitants of our world and use science, scientific research and knowledge for the benefit of a better world and a more knowledgeable world tomorrow. International trade between Germany and other countries also became poor.

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Unfortunately, even as the developed countries widened up, they motivated the developing and not so developed countries into erecting their dismantled plants. Senker (71) states, Science and technology also helped the Nazi soldiers to develop a nuclear power program, known as the Nazi Nuclear Program. The Germans also succeeded in manufacturing V-2. The layer which filters harmful radiation from the sun. Many soldiers lost their lives during this war. Instant replies are possible from the other party sitting thousands of kilometers away in a totally different and aliene set up, in a different country. Henry Foster, the director of Central London Hatching, shows the students touring this facility how human embryos are produced. It is also during World War II that the Manhattan Project was established. The derogatory effects of modern science on the world climate and its upcoming effects on the future generation. This aircraft was categorized as a guided missile and the Nazi mainly used it in (Ross 81).

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Science and Technology, essay

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