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fulfill its potential. The combined debts of just wapda and kesc, (which deal with electricity and gas respectively are Rs 91 billion while the loans of 18 public sector enterprises is close to Rs 250 billion. S water supply and sewerage and solid waste management systems which include reforms to develop local governments? An college essay edit example of this is provided by the large farmers who, despite now getting higher international prices for their crop, are unwilling to pay the modest levels of provincial taxes. It has got to the point where the army has stepped in and declared martial law and the people are happy about it!

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Capacity to meet this need with private sector participation in urban services delivery. Therefore the private sector has been occupied in short-term trading and currency speculations which do nothing for growth or the welfare of the state. Firstly, it drastically reduced its developmental expenditure from.5 per cent of GDP in the early?90s to a paltry 3 per cent, which translates to a cutback of 140 billion in present prices. S highways, railways, and ports. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, however, the poor and rural inhabitants of Pakistan are being left behind.

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