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like honey badgers to keep the lions from hunting the cubs. If cheetahs were gone, I would probably cry for days and days and days, because I have loved, loved them since 1st grade. Therefore, people have to help save the cheetah from being extinct is that cheetahs can be trained essay on proud of being an indian to love you, cheetahs are the fastest land animal in the world (for example, they can run 75 miles an hour in just three seconds!) another example. The most noble of cats, honored by Pharaohs, graceful, sleek, intelligent. This kitty is the ultimate runner! Jackson Koehler stem Launch 2nd Grade Cheetahs I think cheetahs are very important. They are my first favrote animal. Zoos are saving cheetahs so they could be safe and not get hunted by people. You walk out Your house, You see this shiny and bright Sun and it feels like You also become shiny and happy just like the Sun.

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Q3 How would you feel if they were gone A3 I will be sad if they were gone. And isnt that the best type of superhero? Why do I love cheetahs? My next reason that people have to help the cheetah from being extinct is because they are the fastest land animals in the world. And I would go to the WWF Together app ( that I have) and donate money georgia tech admission essay prompt to help them save other endangered animals from dying out. Beauty in motion, now, sadly, its survival in question. The cheetahs will race each other to help raise money for the cheetahs. Cheetahs help us because cheetahs help people. We can learn many things from books. Ever Angel 2nd grade Why should we save the cheetas? When people go to the zoo and want to see the cheetahs, they will be sad because cheetahs are becoming extinct. Fund raising merchandise from the cheetah boutique sold at craft fairs could increase exposure to CCFs work.

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