how would you spend a million dollars essay

a reality because well be awarding 1,000,000.00 immediately plus 1,000.00 A Week For Life AND a brand new Ford Explorer Platinum valued at 55,530.00! Encourage a visual aid of some sort. Give It to the Kids, start a Foundation, seek Out a Health Advisor. Lets take a quick look at some fun possibilities! Time : This project could take from 1-2 weeks depending on how essay on disneyland paris much in-class time is allowed for research, data organization, writing, etc.

How would you spend a million dollars essay
how would you spend a million dollars essay

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You should be able to find these numbers on the internet. Organizing Data, organize private school vs public school education essays your expenses according to major categories. If you suddenly became rich, what would be the very first thing you would do with all of your new money? Pay Off Friends Mortgages, build An Eco-Friendly Home, pay Difference Between Taxes Taken Out and Owed. Did boys and girls tend to buy similar items or were there vast differences in their purchases? Maybe buying our parents a new house. Click on the buttons below to begin searching for information related to your theme.

This total should equal 1,000,000. Create a spreadsheet to sum, or add up, all major categories. Keith Rhodes added pay for college. Click to see an example of each spreadsheet that you should have. Pay Off Debts, purchase a New House, invest Most.