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may result in errors. Minas (Ed) Psychotherapy for Survivors of Trauma, Cultural Values Mental Health, Melbourne, 171 193. Aroche., Coello,. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 24 (4 486495. G., Coello,., Momartin,. The same caption will appear on both the online (color) and print (black and white) versions. Clinical Supervision: Managing Unbearable Projections. Children Australia, 42 (3 142158.

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 25 (4 481490. Below are additional instructions regarding the preparation of display equations, computer code, and tables. Global refugee crisis: A Health Information Manager perspective. Prepare manuscripts according to the, publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). Child sexual abuse, coping strategies and lifetime posttraumatic stress disorder among female inmates. Begg,., Bibby,., Ortega,., Perez,., Maharjan,., Coello,. Your equation has now been inserted into your Word file as a MathType Equation. Psychotherapy in Australia, 18 (4 53-54. Change and recovery: Culturally appropriate early childhood programmes with refugee families and communities. Psychological Bulletin, 139, 133151. Variations in therapeutic interventions for Cambodian and Chilean refugee survivors of torture and trauma: A pilot study. The two-practitioner model: Bicultural workers in a service for torture and trauma survivors.

The system compares the initial version of each submitted manuscript against a database of 40 million scholarly documents, as well as content appearing on the open web. Newman,., Lightfoot,., Singleton,., Aroche,., Yong,.-S., Eagar,., Whittaker,. Use of such service is not mandatory for publication in an APA journal. Each listed reference should be cited in text, and each text citation should be listed in the References section. In Bindung und Migration, Brisch,. . Performing for Healing or Healing for Performance Mapping the Seemingly Competing Intersectionality of Healing Practices and Community Development Involving the Arts with Performance Outcomes in Relation to the Rigours of Theatre Performance. . For more information about acceptable resolutions, fonts, sizing, and other figure issues, please see the general guidelines.

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