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DNA database has caused huge attention. States "deter crime by profiled offenders, reduce crime rates, and are more cost-effective than traditional law enforcement tools". 6 National edit A national DNA database is a DNA database maintained by the government for storing DNA profiles of its population. To address these challenges DNA databases are compressed to save storage space and bandwidth during the data transfers. Family DNA Collection Protocol Missing Persons Unit Commission, Australian Criminal Intelligence (1 December 2016). Most of the countries will delete the suspects profile after they are acquittedetc. At the same time, the speed of compression and decompression are also considered for evaluation. When a defendants DNA appears to match DNA found at a crime scene juxtaposed in a essay the possibility that this is an unfortunate coincidence can be vital to the suspect being found guilty. Role of short tandem repeat DNA in forensic casework in the UK-past, present, and future perspectives.

55 Corporate edit This section needs expansion. 74 With the increase of the users who access the DNA database, people are worried about their information being let out or shared inappropriately, for example, their DNA profile may be shared with others such as law enforcement agencies or countries without individual consent. "DNA databank proposal raises privacy concerns - The National". "The UK National DNA Database". All the countries have a completed legislation to largely avoid the privacy issues which may occur during the use of DNA database. Retrieved October 14, 2017. Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative. 23 The growing public approval of DNA databases has seen the creation and expansion of many states' own DNA databases. DNA is used in two ways, to link a known suspect to a crime and to find a new suspect known as a cold hit, meaning searching for a match in the DNA databases of know criminals. Ateet Mehta Bankim Patel,., 2010, "DNA Compression using Hash Based Data Structure International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management JulyDecember 2010, Volume 2,.

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