brian elliott essay teaching tolerance

Wall Street Journal in a report posted Friday that Cohen had arranged for the payout to the woman, who said she had been impregnated by Broidy. Dear frontline, My grandmother was a white principal of a minority segregated California elementary school in the 1960s. My grandmother taught me what Jane Elliott's work proves - that people respond pretty much according to what is expected of them. Perhaps you failed to see how very grateful those children, as grown-ups, were to her. Eric Erickson, washington, DC, dear frontline, Even though I wasn't able to view the entire program, I was so impressed. Undeserved privilege did not sit well with me, and I took no pleasure in seeing my friends or even my enemies treated unfairly. The teacher divided the classroom by eye color brown and blue eyes. She implemented rules for the brown eyed children. Bucher goes on to say treatment varies because of race, age, gender, social class or any number of other dimensions of diversity (100). Jane, elliott had taught her class about what the two things had mint before but not on the level she had planed to go to today; she hoped that with what she was planning to do would not mean she had crossed the line.

I chose a class divided because I wanted to see how kids handled being segregated from each other. Martin Luther King was on a mission to change that. Keep up the good work PBS. Brian Armstrong West Bloomfield, Michigan Dear frontline, I thought the program was great.

brian elliott essay teaching tolerance

Elliott noticed immediately that. The concept Elliot is teaching. Rating and reviews for Professor. Brian Elliott from University.

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The aspect that most intrigued me though was the performance level of the children once told they were smarter or dumber by the teacher. Then I would not be a problem to anyone. A Class Divided Essay.A, class, divided, racism, a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that ones own race is superior and has the right to rule others (racism has been. The brown-eyed group did not get to play with the blue-eyed children even though some were best friends. I watched it over and over and my respect for Jane's insight grew each time. We are not living in a large city, it is a "small" community, and when I tell him they are staring, because they have never seen such a handsome young man, I am being sincere with my thoughts, but attempting to shield him, from those. But to my surprise once I started reading the article One Friday in April 1968 I knew that this was going to be different then any thing I had read. During which, they watched the film. Learning to pretend to conform, I would comment about how good-looking Sarah was, when it was Bobby I had a crush. This showed the effects of racism and discrimination in the country as a whole and teaching her students to treat human beings as human beings at a young age would influence them more since they are so pliable.

As the show progressed I began to see what she was doing. What a small price to pay for a more tolerant America. It is important to stress that the two-day experiment modelled on Elliott's prototype would probably not have been enough, in and of itself, to offset the attitudes I was exposed to so often at home.