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and animals do belong to different species, that fact alone does not automatically warrant and justify exploitation of animals through their use in entertainment shows (m). Animals in the Circus, the animal rights movement is one that has caught up on the interest of people from everywhere in the world. Fourth, animals, like humans, have their own natural tendencies (m). Animals definitely should not be chained up and made. Respecting the rights of animals includes leaving them in their natural environment where they could grow and enjoy being the animals that they are. Therefore, keeping an animal in an artificial environment that is not completely built for such species could not be consistent with the interest of maintaining criminology and terrorism which thesis the health and wellness of such animal (m).

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Thus, humans would be constrained into keeping such animals because they have already grown dependent of their human caretakers. There is no reason why there should be a difference between the treatment of humans from the treatment of nonhumans. People pay a lot of money to watch the bears being tortured and they laugh at it! Anyone that makes animals perform should be arrested because what they do is sick and very cruel! Animals are still best left alone where nature originally put them. Furthermore, both should be kept away from suffering and pain. Such an animal would be useless and hopeless when it is placed in its natural habitat. In this respect, animals should not be subjected to cruel treatment and to unnatural activities, such as jumping hoops or getting beaten just for the entertainment of humans. Thank so much for your patience and for being part of our movement for good. Keep up to date with. Such needs as to living condition could not be completely provided by humans in artificial environments.