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5, 2007 Isn't that what they teach us in our childhood? I myself do not quite understand. Summary: This is a research essay on The Great Gatsby with the topic "Silence is Golden.". How wonderfully "golden" the "silence" would be if all whispering, gossip, backbiting, lying, slander and such like could be forever stopped.

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Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Speech Is Silver But Silence Is Gold".
Without uttering a word, no one can know or read a persons line of thoughts.

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Silence is golden is the great idiom used by the most nations. So speech may seem to be good but doesn't last. Silence in short detail, tracks the missionary trek of Sebastio Rodrigues, an appointed Portuguese Jesuit, and his partner Francisco Garrpe as they embark to guide the Japanese Christians towards an authentic Christian status. Silence is not only developed in Asian cultures, but it is also found in many Scandinavian cultures and American Indian cultures. The population of the city was multiplied by about 25 in 2 years, infrastructures had been developed. Scandinavian cultures also oppose the dominant western cultures. Rosie Contemporary Literature 1) Week 7 (. On the other hand, many wars, that changed our whole life; that ruined many peoples present, were the result of the exchange of just a few words! It is the tendency of human to talk more and to listen less, the main cause of it is that we have forgotten the art of waiting and allowing ourselves to listen to other viewpoints. Surely the kind of silence here advised, the control of one's tongue, is "golden" indeed.

Perhaps all of us need to give more attention to our speech. We can say that the power of current California.

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