thesis consumer buying behaviour

the reasons behind consumer behavior requires knowledge of several theories of psychology. Consumer behavior buying, having, and being (8th.). Behavior is the responses of a consumer resulting from affect and cognition. A marketer can leverage several approaches to changing a consumers beliefs about a product. The consumer will then establish feelings regarding the attitude object. Marketing is an ongoing attempt to instill a positive attitude toward a specific product or service. Consumer awareness and usage of E-banking transactions through mobile phones. These two disciplines combine to aid in the complete rationalization of consumer behavior. Differentiation is an important advantage to marketers.

Emotional contagion is common in attitudes formed by the experiential hierarchy of effects (Solomon, 2008). This limited knowledge approach is not suitable for life-changing purchases such as a car or new home. Effect of self-placement of habitual buying products on their sales. In our example, our consumer has decided to narrow her choices down to three cars based upon price, passion for computer science essay comfort, and fuel efficiency. Shelf spacing competition: A comparative analysis of local and international brand. Attitudes and persuasion: classic and contemporary approaches. Table turnover augmentation: variables affecting the time spent in dining experience.