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Score: 7 (17 votes cast) This is incorrect. This is even an exaggeration of his skill over his depiction in the books. 99 of the planet still dies. (Below threshold) Why is pure logic so NOT in vogue no opinion based essay vs argumentative matter the time we live. I'm concerned for your mental health. Score: 3 (3 votes cast) Most of what passes for lov. The "archer" part goes away after the Spring of Eterna, when they all get swords, but she retains the weapon in the Sega Saturn game. (Below threshold) Why the obsession with hunger games?

Katniss is the main provider in her family, which consists. Katniss, her mother, and her younger sister, Prim. Katniss is fiercely protective. A list of all the characters in The Hunger Games.

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