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concluded that customers have a tendency to opt for firms with a better brand image as they have the notion that these firms adopt better quality measures. These factors eased the whole fitting in process by a ton. Kapoor International Numero Uno F Sports.

Be tryi ng merge a microeconomic topic economics. Thread TSR Economics society IB Students: What are your extended essay topics? Monopoly power, they managed to practice second degree price discrimination. Ap pendix A : Name of tuition centres. Extended Essay Economics.

Economies of scale- Cost reducing advantages that allow a firm to produce at Average total cost as it expands its production in the long run. According to you, which of the following criterion is most crucial for the purchase of leather footwear? This directly meant that a moderate degree of price competition would exist. The same proven was via photographs, consumer survey, and interviews with the owners of three firms (Kapoor International, FSports, and Asics). How are profits influenced by changes in non-price factors? I mean, does it set high prices or does it follow the prices of other companies in other cities? Thus, the immensity in product range made the demand for footwear relatively inelastic and reduced the need for the firms to compete on price.

Kapoor suggested that the cause for the same was quality consciousness while. Currently, we are the newbie in the footwear market. To earn economics profits, a monopolistic competitor will produce the quantity, QE at which the marginal costs (MC) are equal to the marginal revenues (MR) and when MC is rising. It's not in my syllabus thus I never memorised it lol. A survey was also conducted with 50 arbitrarily selected male consumers who had to provide information about their preferences, response to price fluctuations, taste, brand loyalty and what ultimately made them choose one firm over the other. Economics EE Candidate SessionNumber: Candidate Name:PalakBhargava 33 Appendix E Day visited the firm's outlet in Connaught Place on Number of Customers Visiting store between.m. Rarely Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Never. In the recent past there have some changes in the prices of our sports and leather footwear.

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