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of kindness not only got happier but became more popular with their peers (. Nber Working Paper. N., Fritz,., Lyubomirsky,.

Boosting happiness, buttressing resilience: Results from cognitive and behavioral interventions. Layous,., Sweeny,., Armenta,., Na,., Choi,., Lyubomirsky,. Tokyo: Nihon Jitsugyo Shuppansha. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group Tkach,., Lyubomirsky,. Tel Aviv, Israel: Kinneret-Zmora. Lopez, Edwards,., Marques,. Under Review Margolis,., Lyubomirsky,. Plos ONE, 12 (7 e0179123.

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For example, intervention studies with students, kids, community members, workers, depressed individuals, and hospital patients are testing the efficacy of five cognitive and behavioral volitional strategies: 1) regularly setting aside time to recall moments of gratitude (i.e., keeping a journal in which one counts ones. Revord,., Walsh,. Happiness, economics, and politics: Towards a multi-disciplinary approach (pp. Glücklich sein: Warum Sie es in der Hand haben, zufrieden zu leben (Jürgen Neubauer, Trans.). Abbe,., Tkach,., Lyubomirsky,. Layous,., Kurtz,., Chancellor,. New York: Psychology Press. Humble beginnings: Current trends, state perspectives, and hallmarks of humility. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 10, 463-476. New York: Guilford Press. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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