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is the part that has caused the outrage in light with the modernization of public transport. He said during the launch of the program that they follow have a 3-year transition period where they will not strictly implement the ban on old jeepneys. Even drivers would enjoy driving a bigger vehicle that protects passengers and themselves from the elements all day long. Davaos group Transmision-Piston said that a good public mass transport system is one of the ideals that will benefit all.

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Written by, marc Adrian, whether commuters or the public transport operators like it or not, change is upon the transportation scene in the Philippines. Provision of Wi-Fi access, for buses, standing passengers must not exceed five persons. This is why the modernization program will also include training for these PUV drivers. The routes will be planned by the government. Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) modernization program which orders the replacement of jeepneys aged 15 years or older. It will enhance tourist experience in the Philippines. With new jeepneys, at most, maintenance will take only 6 days per month. Government plans to phase-out the jeeps to be in with the times of a modern public transport system, such writing essays pdf as the electronic-jeep, where engines which past European standards and with perks such as Wi-Fi and even air conditioning. Aside from that it will put a new and interesting twist to the jeepney icon, which has been in the minds of the world inseparable to the Filipino psyche. Current jeeps can seat around 20 to 22 passengers, excluding the driver.

The thing is, modernization has to be made not at the expense of the poor losing their jobs or their money, or even losing our iconic king of the road. Manila, Philippines What will the new jeepneys look like under the governments public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program? Thus, the jeep has. Training for drivers, the modernization of the public transport will not be successful without the cooperation from the drivers manning the roads. The government plans to replace all old PUVs aged 15 years or older with enironment-friendly jeepneys that have safety features. At least, not in a bad way. The PUV modernization program aims to have a safer and environment-friendly mode of transportation. Some of the prototype vehicles have a 22-passenger seating capacity.